Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are pieces of code that attack computers. These viruses are spread from computer to computer through email, websites or other interactions. Computer viruses can be annoying or debilitating to your computer. Some viruses steal information while others can cause your computer to slow or stop. There are many types of computer viruses, some more serious than others. Viruses have become more complicat-ed over time. Learn more about them.

Repairing Computer Viruses

Repairing Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are not always easy to repair. You can often repair a computer virus through a virus detec-tion program that can scan your computer for viruses, identify the virus and then run a piece of code that will either delete the virus or quarantine it from the rest of your computer files. You can also ask a professional to determine the virus infecting your computer and run code that will fix it.

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Preventing Computer Viruses

Preventing Computer Viruses

You can do a lot to prevent viruses from attacking your computer by installing a security and virus detection program onto your computer. These systems can often stop viruses before they can attach themselves to your computer. You can also help protect your computer from viruses by not opening suspicious emails and not visiting untrusted websites. It is much easier to protect your computer from unwanted viruses than it is to try and fix the problem at a later time.

Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses can infect computers and harm them to the point that they are destroyed. There are many different kinds of viruses, and they are spread through email, web browsing and network connections. You can help protect your computer from viruses by installing virus detection software and staying clear of risky web activity. Many viruses can be fixed either by professionals or through scanning from anti-virus software. Some viruses can also be fixed at home by the user.